Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

When you first bought your house, were you immediately in love with it? You probably moved in knowing you wanted to take on a few projects here and there or renovate some rooms. But did you get a good look at your back yard and patio space? Now's the time to make some cosmetic changes to your patio and bring in new additions that will increase your property value and wow your guests this summer. And what should be first on your list? An outdoor kitchen from Round Grove Products

We may be based in Dalton, Ohio, but we deliver preassembled units to anywhere in the US, so you can enjoy our products no matter which state you're from. Designing your custom units and outdoor kitchen is the fun part! Your lifestyle will ultimately play a huge role in your design choices. 

Are you a casual entertainer or cook? A smaller model of our brick ovens might be a great starting point for you. Do you consider yourself a grill master? We can make combo units to incorporate your other outdoor cooking appliances! Prefer to host extravagant get-togethers with lots of hungry guests? We can design a whole outdoor kitchen setup with you that will allow for seating, storage space, cooking accessories, and more. 

The good thing about Round Grove Products is that our team gets direction from you. The designs come to life based on your size specifications and what will physically fit in your outdoor space, which materials you'd like to use for the exterior, and any style or color preferences you have. So whether you'd like your outdoor kitchen to mesh well with your home's exterior or have its own unique look, Round Grove Products is here to make it happen! Call us at 330-621-3657 to get started.


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