4 Reasons Why You Need a Brick Oven

Round Grove Products creates customizable brick ovens in Ohio!

It's almost springtime, and you might be thinking about spring and summer activities with family and friends! What's a better way to get together than to create some delicious meals with your brick oven? What's so great about a brick oven, you ask? Here's what we think: 

Brick ovens are efficient

Brick pizza ovens are so sought after because they allow faster cooking time than conventional ovens, and sometimes a more evenly distributed heat flow. The bricks are heated from underneath, which allows for that doughy bread to be cooked just right! 

They're a great excuse for an outdoor gathering

When you want to get together with those you love, outdoor gatherings might be more ideal. Don't waste time stressing about cleaning your house, and just enjoy time with your family and friends. Outdoor pizza ovens are a great excuse to host an event! 

They will last for years!

Your brick oven will likely last around 20 years, which allows for so many different pizza recipes! Get creative, because your durable unit will bring you the yummiest dishes for years to come! 

Some brick ovens are customizable 

Not all brick oven distributors allow for the opportunity to customize your own brick oven, but Round Grove does! With Round Grove Products, you're able to choose from different roof colors, different styles of brick, and even different functions! For example, we have fireplace and brick oven combinations available, so you can get the most out of your unit! 

If we kept the list going, you'd be reading pages and pages of endless reasons why brick ovens are one of the best ways to cook pizzas and other delicious meals. If you're considering creating an outdoor kitchen, consider Round Grove. Everything we make is preassembled and personalized, so don't worry about settling when it comes to the outdoor space of your dreams! Get in touch with us by calling 330-621-3657 so we can talk about your customizable brick oven!


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