Check “become a pizza chef” Off Your New Years’ Resolution List with Round Grove

Custom Brick Oven in Ohio--Round Grove

2021 is over, and you didn’t get around to making all those tasty meals you thought you might. That’s okay! You still have the chance to get creative outside of the kitchen in 2022, and you can do it while adding some unique character to your home’s yard space. And, our brick ovens aren’t just for dough and za’. They’re also for delicious fajitas, chicken pot pie, buttermilk biscuits, and more! Check out Bonnie’s Blog for endless brick oven recipes and tips here:

Brick ovens provide a break from the kitchen, a breath of fresh air, and a home charcoal taste to your dishes. Still not convinced that you need a Round Grove brick oven in your life? Here’s why Round Grove is different from other brick ovens: 

  1. Round Grove products come ready to use. When you purchase a brick oven from us, you’re eliminating the stress of putting the product together yourself, and wondering if you’ve assembled it correctly. This leaves zero guesswork for you, and zero hassle. 

  2. Our ovens are made with real firebrick. Get your money’s worth and get a brick oven made with authentic, high-quality materials that aren’t prone to cracking. 

  3. Our brick ovens can be made to custom order. You can choose your size, design, roof colors, or even functionality. For example, you can choose an oven/fireplace combo to get two functions out of one device. That’s a great way to stay warm during winter!

Those are just a few of the many reasons why our customers are so satisfied with their purchases from Round Grove. When you’re looking to get more serious about cooking, you’ll want an oven that inspires you to make the best homemade meals. Thinking about it? Call us at (330) 621-3657 for more details.


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