Outdoor Kitchen Options

When designing your outdoor kitchen there are many things to consider including what kind of cooking surface you want, seating available for guests and other extra additions you may want to consider to make the perfect space for you and your guests! 

Cooking Type: Depending on your preference for dishes or what ingredients you might be using, selecting your cooking surface type may be a tough decision. Some people prefer to cook on a conventional gas grill for an easy to learn cooking experience. Others may prefer a smoker to create delicious BBQ dishes for their family and friends. You could also make the main cooking surface a versatile custom brick oven, like the ones from Round Grove Products! If you have the budget to spare you could also include more than one of these surfaces in your outdoor kitchen to make the ultimate cooking space. 

Seating: When planning for an outdoor kitchen you should also think of the space as an outdoor dining room as well because if it is pleasant enough outside to cook, you and your guests will likely want to eat outside as well. Therefore, you should keep room for chairs and tables or even build a custom bar that includes your cooking space within it along with seating and other accessories. 

Additions: An outdoor kitchen can be as simple or as lavish as your budget provides. Therefore it's perfectly okay to have one simple cooking surface and that's basically it. However, there are many different additions you can include if you have the time and money. Some popular items that might make their way into custom outdoor kitchens can include things such as ice makers, sinks, and enclosed pantries. Some outdoor spaces are even starting to include fire pits, for after-dinner s'mores, or outdoor televisions so you don't miss a second of your favorite show while you cook. It all depends on what you want!     

If you need help with your outdoor kitchen Round Grove Products can assist you! Along with making custom brick ovens, they also can help you build kitchen spaces that have designated spots for grills, refrigerators or there accessories you might have. See their past work and discuss your project with Round Grove here


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