Round Grove Fireplaces

 Along with great brick ovens, Round Grove Products also creates beautiful fireplaces to enhance any outdoor living space. We have a variety of options that you can choose from when selecting which fireplace suits your design preferences and along with your usage needs! 

We use 18-Gauge galvanized U-channel framing with glass-fiber reinforced sheathing and scratch-coat to ensure that your fireplace stays in beautiful condition, free of cracking, for long after installation. They also feature heavy-duty steel construction that provides corrosion resistance and keeps the fireplace non-combustible, which obviously a key feature when dealing with a fireplace or brick oven.

Our fireplaces, because of the area of customization we allow, can easily be finished to match your home exterior or other features of your outdoor living space. Our units are pre-assembled and ready to finish right at your home and come shipped in a single piece to prevent shipping damage and also aid in the quick and easy installation process. Along with all of these factors, our fireplaces are lighter than masonry block and pre-cast fireplaces, again aiding in the installation process and allowing there to be less foundation to support the unit in your space, saving the cost of having to pour a new or extra foundation if you were to get it someplace else that uses heavier materials. 

If you're looking for a gorgeous functional conversation piece to add to your outdoor entertainment space, consider a fireplace from Round Grove Products! You can see our full catalog on our website here. Contact us today!    


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