Where Your Outdoor Kitchen is Located Matters!

Outdoor kitchen with oven and grill
Small outdoor kitchen with oven and grill
Michael wanted to have an outdoor kitchen in his backyard. His wife, Jean, agreed and they set to planning. They got excited over finding the perfect outdoor oven, the right style for seating, they even looked meticulously for flora that would accentuate the stone they picked out. The day came when everything was finished and it was time for the inaugural use of the kitchen. Michael lit the grill and Jean started a fire in their oven so the kids could make wood-fired pizzas. Before long, Michael was coughing and his eyes were streaming with tears from the smoke. The kids were complaining that it was too hot to hang around because the sun was beating down on them. Jean was getting frustrated because the kids kept changing their minds about pizza toppings and she was walking to and from the house constantly, which was quite a hike. By the time the night was over, they were all exhausted, and they weren't sure that the outdoor kitchen was all it was cracked up to be.

What went wrong?

Michael and Jean forgot something very important in building an outdoor kitchen: location, location, location.

When building an outdoor kitchen, you must look for a spot that is not only large enough for what you want, but has enough ventilation. Pay attention to the prevailing winds so that you build in a way that you won't smoke out your neighbors. An outdoor brick oven will help with this with it's built in chimney taking the smoke away from you and your guests. Also look for anything that could block breezes that would relieve your area of smoke, like a tree line or your house.

Another consideration is to have the kitchen near your home. Food prep will probably mostly take place inside and having to trek in and out often could spell disaster for your food if the trip takes too long! Your home can also provide some much needed shade that will help keep the place more comfortable for everyone.

Wherever you decide to build your outdoor kitchen, what you won't need to worry about is where to find your outdoor oven. Round Grove Products has styles that will fit in most areas and their exteriors are customizable to fit the look of your home and yard.


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